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Android Phone Bo tur laka inven dan leh ven hnu hmuhchhuah leh dan:

Phone ruk hmaa lo inralrin dan leh ruk hnua hmuh chhuahdan

—-Bryan Lalramchhana

Android phone hmang te bik tan liau liau…in android kha abo hma a in ralrin dan leh an ruk bo hnu a hmuh chhuah dan tha lutuk hi kan post nge ka test sa hi…i computer tang emo cafe tang poh i duh tawk in i control thei tawh ang ruk hnuah pawn..
step1: Dropbox kha i neih sa ka ring a kha kha set up la(hei chu poimoh lutuk lo)mahse install in setup ve re re la..(I android ah khan hemi hmang hian computer dang atang in i application duh duh kha i phone ah i va install thei)

step2: Khai le han ti tak tak ang aw….hei hi download rawh le ( i phone ah khan setup la install rawh.

step3:I install zawh khan personal note tih kha zawng roh chuan chhiar la allowed vek rawh le.

step4:Kha mi itih zawh hnuah hemi link ah hian lut rawh le (

step5:chuan khimi website a sir kil dinglam a chung sir ah khan (Please sign in to your Google Account
to access the AndroidLost application.Sign in) hei hi i hmu ang…i android a (play store )a in sign in nan a i hman email kha hmang la..i password nen

step6:in sign in zawh vek ah website ah khan i lut nghal ta ni chuan control ah khan han kal la option tam tak i hmu ang…i phone chu a bo ngailo ang.

a control theih te…
1.control tih hnuai ah basic category ami te

hemi option ah hian i phone kha silent ah pawh lo dah mahse khimi control panel atang khian full volume ah a hriat loh in i dah thei a( Select seconds for alarm):

Custom Alarm
hetah hi chuan a sound ringtone atan a i duh ber i va dah thei

i duh ang a rei i vibrate tir thei

hemi option ah hi chuan botton i click khan an awmna lai i va hrethei ang a location..gps leh mobile data a ru tu in a on lo nih pawn location hnuhnung ber alo thawn ang che

Location fixed interval
minute 5 hnu zelah a location awmna kha i va hre thei ang

2.status category a awm te

Phone Status
botton i click khan battery life engzat nge awm tih i va hrethei ang

sound kha i off in i on sak thei

bluetooth on leh off na nimai

hetah tang hian i gps kha lo disable mahse i enable thei ang a location hriat nan

wifi i on in off sak thei

List Apps
apps a install ho i hrethei

3.message category a thil awmte….

SMS post
phone number i hriat sa kha simcard dang poh lo hmang se heta tang hian i send thei:

SMS inbox and sent
heta tang hian sms 10 a thawn chhuah hnuhnung ber a hriat thei ang botton i click khan

Message Picture
hemi option ah hi chuan thu iva thawn zeuh atang khan camera khan a picture alo la nga alo thawn let ang che

Boot message
poimoh teh chiam lo hei chu

Overlay message
hepoh poimoh vaklo…mahse chhiar la website ah khan chhunga awm thil i control theih te..

Screen timeout

Package display
This control will hide the AndroidLost app from the application launcher. You must restart the phone in order to take effect. The purpose is to make it a little harder for a thief to find out that this app is installed by looking at the apps in the launcher. If you need to start the app you can do so from google play or the SMS command.

(hemi awmzia tak chu hemi i click khian androidlost app launcher kha a in hide thei a..a tangkai na ber chu phone rutu khan alo bengvar ve viau thei a chu mi lak ata in ven na ni..androidlost apps khi a install mai loh nan)

This control will display the AndroidLost app in the application launcher

Lock timeout
Select the lock timeout in seconds. The value 0 means default value so if you wish a quick lock you should select 1 second. This control is useful for HTC users where the pin code is first activated when the lock screen times out and not when the phone is ordered to be locked! (hemi awmzia chu a screenlock vat nan niber e.)

SIM card owner
When the app detects that an unknown SIM card has been inserted it will send a warning to the SMS notification number and start a polling service. That way you can still use both the SMS commands and .

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