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1. I Computer ah Team Viewer.exe hi Install la,

2. I Phone ah Team Viewer.apk Install leh bawk la,

3.  I Computer a Team Viewer chu Open la, I.D leh Password Automatic in a rawn insiam ang. (Internet Connection chak tha ve tak emaw WIFI i nei ve ve tur a ni.) i Computer a Team Viewer a I.D chu i phone ah a hnuai a Connect tih ah khan i ziak lut ang a, reilo te hnu ah i computer a Password kha i phone ah ziah luhna tur a rawn in open(Popup) ang a, Password chu i ziaklut ang.

Your ID - 188 056 612
Password- 5622

4. i phone ah chuan Password chu ziaklut la, rei lo te ah i phone ah i computer kha i phone Screen ah i hmu thei ang. I Phone in i computer i khawih thei anga, hla pawh i play thei pawk ang. network i neih that phawt chuan khawi hmun ah pawh kalsawn la, i Computer chu i khawih thei dawn a ni. Tin, computer a file pawh i copy in i share chhuak thei bawk ang.



Main Bal/Int pack/sms pck -*121*2#,
 INT settings - sms 'FUN' or 'MO' to 543210,
 UNSUB(VAS) - 'STOP' 121COMPANY call - START 0 to 1909
SIM no.enna - *282#, BAL Transfer na - Dial*141*1#,
 LOAN pukna - *141*10#,
 BAL atanga internet pck activate na -*567# ,
 Sms pck act na -*444#PUK - sms PUK(Space)i no. To 9862341400,
 Msg centre No. - 919862029007 Internet Setting dilna: MO send to 54321

Main BAL - *306#
Sms pck/min Bal - *367*2#
INT pck - Sms 'MBAL' to 55333
 INT settings - Sms 'ALL' to 55100
UNSUB(VAS) - 'STOP' to 155223
COMPANY Call - START 0 to 1909
SIM NO.enna - *1#
BAL Transfer na - Dial *367*3#
LOAN pukna - Sms 'YCR' to 51234MSG centre no. - 919863002222 Internet Setting dilna: Aircel type ALL or PI send to 121
Main BAL - *125# OR *128#INT pack - *129#
INT settings - sms 'PI' or 'ALL' to 121
UNSUB (VAS) - 'STOP' to 15522
3COMPANY call - call 1909
SIM no enna - *234*4#  or *131#or *1#
BAL t…

MicroSD a nih chuan unlocker(Aizawlah Rs. 350/- man vel)in computer tel lovin awlsam takin a unlock/format theih.

MicroSD a nih chuan unlocker(Aizawlah Rs. 350/- man vel)in computer tel lovin awlsam takin a unlock/format theih.
Unlocker neih remchan mai loh chuan symbian phone in @+[383079668377328:0] hi i wall ah en la (miniSD pawh a theih e). A chung ami a reh vek ang.
Symbian phone a hman lai reng hi chu format lovin fileXplorer hmangin a recover leh mai theih a, phone dang atanga lock ang chi chu a theih chuang loh. File Explore-ah lut la- C:/sys/data/mmcstore (sys folder hawn theih loh chuan rompatcher Open4ALL RP+ tick tur) tih lo awm kha menu click la file ah edit or Hex viewer tihah khan hetiang deuh hian alo lang ang:
sBGNcard.'' ?| . ?u....t. y.h.f.k
'tyhfk' hi password chu a ni mai.
Computer atanga microSD unlock-na tha ka la hmu bik lo.
If you don’t know the procedure to unlock lost password of Micro SD memory card, then here is a simple tutorial guide for you to recover lost password of MicroSD memory card: Insert the Micro SD card into your card reader on your compu…

I phone number i hriat duh chuan a hnuaia number hi call emaw blank sms thawn mai tur ani e.

I phone number i hriat duh chuan a hnuaia number hi call emaw blank sms thawn mai tur ani e. Airtel – 59103 ah blank sms thawn tur. *121*9# Dial *282# Dail
Aircel – *888# Dial
Docomo – *1# Dial
Idea – *789# Dial
Reliance – *1# Dial
Videocon – *1# Dial
Virgin – *1# Dial
Vodafone – *555*0# Dial

An-ti Virus Tello a Virus Paih dan:

Comman Prompt atanga Virus Manual-a Paih Dan
1. System Restore kha off phawt ang che. (Control panel-ah lut la, system tih kha double click rawh)
2. Task manager hawng la (ctrl + alt + del), Process tih hnuaia Explorer.exe tih kha end process leh ang che.
3. Task Manager-a File tih kha click la, New Task(Run)-ah khan lut la, cmd tih chhu la enter rawh.
4. Command prompt a lo lang ang a, tah khan a hnuaia mi hi chhu la, enter zel ang che.
cd c:\windows\system32
attrib -h -s -r -a amvo.exe
del amvo.exe
attrib -h -s -r -a amvo0.dll
del amvo0.dll
5. A hnuaia mi hi chhu la, enter leh zel rawh.
c:\> attrib -h -s -r -a autorun.inf
del autorun.inf
attrib -h -s -r -a u.bat
del u.bat
(U.bat kher lo pawh a siam thei a,Video.exe ti te pawh a ni thei, a file hming hi i thlak mai dawn nia.)
Hei hian c: a mi chauh a tifai dawn a, drive danga mi (pendrive pawh) i tih fai dawn chuan a hnuaia mi ang hian ti leh ang che.,
Entirnan :- D:
Drive danga i luh veleh 5-na hi ti tha leh la, chutiangin d…


Hetah hian lut la. a lem ami ang hian update tu, status, coment etc ho khi click la, i hming duh leh i
status update duh type rawh. . i duh dan dan in han cheibawl teh le. .

A hnuai ah khan save na tur a awm a, mahse i save chuan Link i share angin a awm dawn a, siamchawp tih a hriat dawn a, chuvangin save loin win 7 i hman chuan screenshot la, i upload zawk dawn nia

Mozilla Firefox browser tihchak dan

1.  A hmasain i firefox kha han hawng la,
address bar ah hei rawh. "about:config" type la. Enter rawh, Thukhungna (“ ) hi ziah tel loh tur. Warning a rawn lang anga, “I will be careful” tih kha click  ang che.
2. A phek khawi laiah pawh khan right click la, new -->string  ah hian kal la, hei hi type  ang che. "nglayout.initial.paint "  OK  i click anga, value ah 00 i dah ang. Rright click leh la, a ngai ang chiah khan- new -->string  ah kal lehin hei hi ziak lut thung ang che. "content.notify.delay"  i OK leh anga, value ah 00 bawk ziak leh la.
3:  Address bar hnuaiah khan  filter bar i hmu anga, hei hi type leh la, “network.http” enter la.
4:  "network.http.pipelining"  setting thlak turin ( false to true) double click rawh.
5:  Hei pawh hi "network.http.proxy.pipelining" value thlak nan ( false to true) double click la.
6:  "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" ah khan  "30" hi ziak la.
7: "network.htt…

FB Password hack/(mahni password thlak awlsamna: to Get Control of Your Facebook if Someone Hacked ItHow to Fix a Facebook Virus
Print this article
Instructions 1

Type "" in the address bar of a Web browser. Press "Enter" on your keyboard.2

Click the "My Account is Compromised" button to continue.
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in the form on the next page by choosing one of three identification
methods: email address or phone number, Facebook username, or your name
along with a friend's name.4

Click the "Continue" button to continue onto the next page.5

your Facebook account's password, and click "Continue." On the next
page, the website notifies you that your account is locked out, which
it may or may not have already been.6

Type a "New Password" and "Confirm Password." When done typing,…


<!DOCTYPE html> <head> <metacharset="utf-8" /> </head> <body> <divid="container"> <h1>SMS FREE IN THAWN RAWH LE</h1> <formaction="" method="post"> <ul> <li> <labelfor="phoneNumber">Phone Number</label> <inputtype="text" name="phoneNumber" id="phoneNumber" placeholder="9862xxxxxxxxxx" /></li> <li> <labelfor="carrier">Carrier</label> <inputtype="text" name="carrier" id="carrier" /> </li> <li> <labelfor="smsMessage">Thu thawn</label> <textareaname="smsMessage" id="smsMessage" cols="45" rows="15"></textarea> </li> <li><inputtype="submit" name=…


Latest Android Mobile tricks Android IMP codes: Cell Battery, WiFi Usage etc Info *#*#4636#*#*
Restore Factory Settings *#*#7780#*#* Format Phone *2767*3855# Launch service mode *#*#197328640#*#* Test WiFi *#*#232339#*#* or *#*#526#*#* or *#*#528#*#* Display WiFi MAC address *#*#232338#*#* GPS test *#*#1472365#*#* Other GPS test *#*#1575#*#* Bluetooth test *#*#232331#*#* Display Bluetooth physic address *#*#232337#*#
Start Gtalk monitoring
PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate
PDA and Phone
FTA SW version
FTA HW version
PDA, Phone, csc,
Packet Loopback
LCD test
Melody test
Device test such as vibration and lightness
Display touchscreen version
Touchscreen test
Distance sensor test
Display memory version


(Hetiang Radio Station hi hmun khat atanga Hla/Zai, Thuthawn nan te hman tur a ni.)
Radio station siam tur chuan, A hnuaia tarlan hi i mamawh anga :
1)Winamp music player (eng version pawh a hman theih).
2)Internet connection (256/64 kbps tal).
3)domain i neih a ngai dawn a,a thar hlak ip pawh la active tak a ni tur ani.(Domain hi lei mai tur an tam

4)shoutcast files i download a ngai leh anga,awlsam takin ah i download thei ang.I download zawh chuan install
la. Chuan, START>PROGRAM FILES>SHOUTcast DNAS>EDIT SHOUTCAST DNS CONFIG ah kal leh la.Hetah hian i configure a ngai ta a,
-password tih a hnuai lampanga in ziahna zawn ah kha i password tur chhu lut ang che.
T-he portbase inti zawn ah ve thung chuan i port duh duh i chhu lut mai dawn nia.

entirnan: 2566
-maxusers: ah chuan i radio station lo ngaithla thei tura i duh zat i chhu lut leh anga, hriat reng tur chu i ziah tam lutuk chuan
i bandwidth in a zo dawn loa,chuvang chuan a tlem lam ziah pa…

Android Phone Camera Computer a Webcam atana hman dan:

DroidCam hi i Computer ah DownloadDroidCam Download la, chu chu Install ang che. (Zip file)

I install zawh chuan apk file hi i phone a mi tur DroidCam.apk Download  leh la, i phone ah Install leh rawh. ti chuan i phone I.P Address chu a hnuai a mi ang hian i Type lut ang. Port khu a awm sa kha rin mai tur a ni. ti chuanUSB i phone in i Connect ang a.i phone a DroidCam kha i hawng ve ang a. i Connect dawn nia.

I.P Address

He Link ah hian a anpui tho apk file leh exe file a awm bawk.


1. Sim Change Alert hi
2. download la, Install rawh.
3. He tiang hian Setup tur.
a). Password set rawh.
b). Login leh la.
c). A lem a mi ang hian Emergency Number leh Messege Text hi fillup tur a ni.
i) Emergency Number hi I chhungte hnaivai emaw, I thiantha tak number i hmang tur a ni.
Eg: 9862 000 001 hi I chhungte phone number nit a se. ii). Messege Text ah hian I phone bo thu report tu tur text I dah ang.
iii). Number (Emergecy Numer) i dah ah khan Messege Text I set kha I phone lo rut u in simcard a vuah number kha a va thawn dawn a ni. Entirna: He number 9862 000 001 hi I chhungte phone number a ni a, he I chhungte number ah hian I phone rutu number 91 xxxx xxxx xxxx hian a ruk in sms a tawn thawn ang che, a turu, sim card thun tu in a hre lovanga, a rutu phone number chu I nei dawn tihna a ni. (Note: I phone bo chu an flash hman a nih chuan Sim Chance Alert I install hian hna a thawk tawh lo ang. an Flash emaw an reset emaw loh nan Pattern emaw Lock hrim hrim hmang lo hram ang che.. He t…

Android Phone 2nd Partition siam dan ( External Memory ah application install theih a siam dan)

Android PhoneRAM tlem tan:

I phone chu a hmasa ber in i root ngei ngei tur a ni a, i root phawt dawn a nia,

1. ClockworkMod (CWM) hi i phon model a zirin chi hrang hrang a awm a, install an tur tutorial nen a awm ang,Google ah i zawng ang a,  i download ang a, i memory card ah i dah ang. link2sd apk file download la, Install rawh.
2. 4GB tal Memory Card i hman loh chuan i kham lo ang.
3. ClockworkMod (CWM) Application kha hawng ta la,
4. CWM Manager  tih hnuai ah
    Recover tih i hmu ang. Recovery ah khan ClockworkMod tih inziak a hnuai a a pawl a 'Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery' tih kha click la.

5. ClockworkMod
 Reboot into ClockworkMod recovery Now? tih a rawn in ziak ang a, Reboot i hmet ang.

6. i phone a thim hmak ang a, a rawn nung leh nghal ang.
7. Apply Update from sdcard tih kha hmet la, (MOVE na chu Volume Up leh Down) (OK na chu main menu)

8. I memory Card a i ClockworkMod (CWM) download kha (MOVE na chu Volume Up leh Down) (OK na chu main menu) i selelect ang a.
9. Clockwo…


I modem model kha check phawt la,i Modem khan model a nei ve a,
a chhin kha hawng la a inziak ang,
i modem mil i download dawn nia.
Model Mil Zawn na link

Khi khi hi download la, Universal_MasterCode ah Modem IMEI No. type lut la,
calculate rawh.

Flash emaw unlock  emaw i duh chuan  number kha copy la, SimCard hrang hrang hmang thei tura siam i duh chuan Unlock code zawk kha i copy ang. ext?ract la,
Install rawh,

Modem ah internet ti nung lo la,

Simcard phawi tur.

Application dang zawng zawng close vek ang che.

E173Update_11. chu i next ang a,
i number copy i paste ang a, a in load zawh ah i
computer i restart dawn nia.


Command Prompt ah Diskpart type tur.

"list disk" type leh la,

Microsoft Diskpart Version 6.1.7600
Copyright <C> 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer:ZOLIANA-PC

DISKPART> list disk

  Disk StatusSize           Free     DynGpt
  ----------------------      -------     -------
  Disk 0Online931 GB    30 GB
  Disk 1No Media                0  B           0  B
  Disk 2Online232 GB     1024 KB
  Disk 3Online3819MB   0  B
  Disk 4No Media               0  B           0  B

DISKPART> select disk 3

Disk 3 is now the selected disk.


DISKPART> succeeded in cleaning the disk.

DISKPART> create partition primary

DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

DISKPART> format fs=fat32 quick

0 percent completed

by: Zolianmawia


MINIMAL ADB hi install la, open la, Command prompt a lo in hawng nghal ang.
Minimal ABD hetah Download rawh!
I file copy luh tur chu i duh duh drive ah i dah ang a,
(DSC 0001.JPG) hei hi kan copy luh tur a chu a ni.
i computer ah i file location link kha i en ang.
C:\DSC 0001.JPG (C Drive)
D:\DSC 0001.JPG (D Drive)
G:\DSC 0001.JPG (G Drive)

C:\ Drive chhung ah User folder chhung ah i file copy tur a awm chuan:-
C:\Users\DSC 0001.JPG (C Drive)
(i file copy tur chu C:\ link hnaih ber ah i dah ang, a awlsam zawk nan.)

Hei hi adb a i Push Code chu a ni. Drive link hi Double Inverted Comma(" ") i hmang ang.
"G:\DSC 0001.JPG"

C:\SDK\tools>adb devices (type la, enter rawh)
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF        device

C:\SDK\tools>adb push "G:\DSC 0001.JPG" /sdcard/
1775 KB/s (6635845 bytes in 3.650s)

C:\SDK\tools>adb shell (type la, enter rawh)
$ su (type la, enter rawh)
# ls (type la, enter rawh)